Natural Christmas Decor with Mixed Metals & Burgundy Accents – Home Tour 2021

I love decorating for Christmas, but I can easily feel overwhelmed by the excess in my home. This year’s decor has felt like the perfect balance: simple, yet festive. I wanted the colors to flow with what we usually have in our home, and I avoid buying new everything. Usually I buy a few ornaments in the colors I want to try, coordinating ribbon, and gift wrap to bring it all together. Everything else is neutral and works from year to year.

For this year, I started with the idea to mix in my favorite home accessory right now, pompous grass. I used the grasses, mixed with faux greenery, to fill out the Christmas tree and add texture. That idea seemed risky at the time, but I love the way it turned out.

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I also used a roll of tan deco mesh inside the tree to conceal the inner frame. My tree was purchased from Amazon last year, and I’ve been very happy with it. While the flocking does come off when it’s bumped by kids or the cat, it’s still much less mess than a real tree. I also love the softer color of the flocked tree. I think it makes the ornaments stand out more, and it flows well with our home.

The red plaid paper is from Dollar General! Affiliate Links: White Paper / White Ribbon / Pink Ribbon / Wood Bead Garland / Similar Ornaments

Next year, I plan to buy some more larger ornaments. I love using a variety of sizes. I typically use the larger, plastic ornaments at the bottom, and the smaller, glass ornaments at the top of the tree. Since our cat is technically still a kitten and into everything, I didn’t use the heirloom ornaments this year. It was a good call, he’s attempted to climb the tree several times!

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I kept the mantle decor very simple. The wood map is from Fire & Pine. I found the print from Juniper Design Studio, and loved how it incorporated the greens from my office, as well as the blush and burgundy colors in the tree. I really liked the eucalyptus frosted greens with the flocked tree. I ended up using those instead of a garland to accent the stocking holders. I linked everything I could below.

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In the dining room and office, tiny ornaments in mixed metals shimmer in the tall pencil cactus and a sweet rosemary tree.

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In the kitchen, a flocked wreath brings holiday cheer to the vent hood and ties back to the tree with similar greenery. A fringed burgundy chiffon ribbon finishes it off. You’ll notice Mr. and Mrs. Claus, a sweet heirloom from my childhood.

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One of my favorite traditions is to send out Christmas cards. Every year, I get a silver frame for our card. I display all of the previous years, along with our Santa pics. It’s a great way to see how everyone changed over the years.

Table / Silver frames are from Dollar Tree!

Finally, the foyer vase got a pretty holiday arrangement thanks to a mix of hydrangea, burgundy faux flowers, and mixed greenery.

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I love our holiday home, but try to avoid buying a ton of things each year. Instead, I prefer to incorporate a few new items and get creative repurposing things. I prefer a collected look over having everything from one store purchased at one time.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Here’s a reel I made on Instagram that shows these spaces.

It was a pleasure sharing my home with you today. I’m always so grateful when you comment, like or share my posts. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. I hope you enjoy these last few weeks of 2021. I still have a few posts coming, but I’m definitely wrapping up for the year. I hope you enjoy the season and have a very merry Christmas!

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Simple DIY Abstract Art Tutorial

A gorgeous piece of art can bring a room together and make it feel “designer” through color, style, and scale.

My favorite artist, Lynn Sanders, who is also from Louisiana, is known for these gorgeous large-scale abstract pieces. I didn’t even try to recreate this. She’s incredibly talented, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, good art is expensive.

I totally understand the price tag. As an amateur artist myself, I appreciate the time, skill, and experience that comes with making a piece of art. Sadly, that still doesn’t add the funds to my bank account.

So, what do you do when what you want, hello Lynn Sanders Art, is just not in the budget right now? I get creative and create a pretty, large abstract piece that was completely free. Yep, that’s right; I spent $0 on this project.

I had a large canvas in my closet from a failed attempt at making a Lulie Wallace-inspired piece a few years ago. I never displayed it. Lulie, if you’re reading, I think you’re amazing btw.

Artist: Lulie Wallace – Flash of the Hand
These are two of Lulie Wallace’s original pieces. She’s know for abstract florals in bright, punchy colors.

I decided that I couldn’t really make the canvas any worse, so I came up with the idea to transform it into a modern, abstract painting. I researched a few ideas and decided on a simple design that would bring in the cream, pink, and buff tones I was craving right now.

The original painting wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t the modern look I was after.

To start, I used spackling to cover the canvas with texture. I used mostly horizontal strokes. Once that was dry, I painted the most of canvas in a dark gray to give extra dimension to the lighter colors I would add on top later. I used a sample of wall paint for nearly all of my colors — this really cost me $0!

No turning back! The spackle wen on pink, but it dried white.

I allowed the gray to dry and sectioned the painting into thirds. This is an art “rule” for compositions to be more interesting and balanced. On the top two thirds, I painted a cream wall paint in a rough, dry technique. I made sure to allow some of the gray to show through. I did the same with a soft blush color on the bottom. Where they met, I used the blush with some acrylic paints I had on hand to make a rusty copper band. I love copper, and the orangey tones tie in with the warm woods in other parts of the house.

This is during the process. You can see my “fancy” palette and brushes in the background. Paper plates mean no mess.

The rest of the painting involved me layering more whites, nude, and fawn tones until I was satisfied with the look of it. One technique that I found helpful was to use a metal spatula to apply the paint. I used a dry-brush technique to blend it in and soften the final result.

To add a little bit of glamour, I took my gold spray paint, sprayed it in a paper plate, and applied it to the center with the metal spatula. It looks like hand-applied gold leaf.

I staged the finished painting a couple of different ways. Which is your preference?

In this version, I layered the art with a vintage mirror.
This version is layered with found pampas grass and a flowy plant. I added a reflective quality with the candle, although it is technically too small. This is my favorite styling so far.

I am really pleased with the result. Always the businessman, Mr. Bayou wants me to sell them. Thoughts? Anyone interested?

I plan to make a frame for the canvas but that has not happened yet. I do think that will give it a more finished look. Either way, please let me know if you attempt this project! I think it’s also important to remember that trying something like this is always an adventure. I wasn’t sure it would turn out well, but if I never tried it, my room wouldn’t have this fun art piece.

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