Weekly Faves – Winter (mostly) Clean Beauty Finds 12.22.21

I pulled together some of my absolute FAVORITE (mostly) clean beauty finds. These are all items I have and would absolutely recommend to my best friend or sister. Here are my honest reviews, along with how I use each item.

I plan to share my full beauty routine soon, but here is a start!

Earlier this year, I decided to try to use clean products more in my home and beauty routine. This will definitely continue next year.

FYI, the links in this post are affiliate links, and if you buy something, I might receive a small commission from the retailer. That goes toward my bougie coffee habit and keeping this blog going.

  1. These Silly George Lashes are ahhmazing. I love their bond liner and mascara too. I’m not great at false eyelashes, but I’m getting better. These lashes are really high quality and last for many wears. My favorite is the Aurora style. They are extra long, so you just trim the outer corners to the length you need.

    The Silly George Liner Bond is truly a game changer. You can instantly attach the lashes, and it comes off easily when you’re ready. The liner bond comes in black or clear. I love the clear for a more natural look.

    The Heart Eyes Mascara is great because it doesn’t smudge, and it has two types of wands: one for lengthening, and one for adding volume.

    Use my code THEBAYOUBLONDE15 for 15% off your order.
  2. This clean beauty duo from BeautyCounter is a must for anti-aging!

    The Counter+ All Bright C Serum contains two forms of vitamin C taht instantly brighten skin and help reduce the appearance of existing dark spots, while antioxidant-rich turmeric and camu camu extracts help protect against new ones. I noticed an immediate change in my dark spots after starting this serum.

    The Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel contains AHA and beta hydroxy acid peel that improve skin texture and boost clarity without irritation or over-drying. I’ve used similar products (that cost more!) from other brands, and I found this one to be much better for my skin. It didn’t make my skin dry, but my pores were definitely smaller. I use it every other night.

    Now is a great time to try these products — BeautyCounter has all of their holiday sets on major sale. Click here to shop.
  3. I started using this Primally Pure Gua Sha Stone about a month ago, and I can really see a difference, particularly on my jaw line and forehead lines. This stone is unique because of the variety of shapes that are incorporated into one tool. It’s really the best one I’ve seen!

    If you research Gua Sha, you’ll see that it’s being touted as an alternative to Botox. Since using the stone, I can visibly see a change, and it’s helped me go almost a year between Botox appointments. I also love that it’s inexpensive and doesn’t involve injecting a toxin into my body.

    Read more information about Gua Sha in this helpful article.

    I also love the Primally Pure Clarifying Serum. It has really cleared my acne flare-ups, and my teens love it too. We pair it with the Primally Pure Clarifying Charcoal Soap. Primally Pure is an amazing company, and I love their simple packaging and clean ingredients.
  4. These imPRESS Nails are seriously easy to use and look great. I normally do my nails at home for convenience and cost. These are even faster! I use the short length, and I find that they last about a week. Each box comes with 30 nails. They are contoured to fit snug against your cuticles, and they look like a nice gel manicure.

    Here is a link to my favorite color, Evanesce, from Amazon. They’re on sale too!
  5. This Tula Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm is a must have for me. I recently ran out, and immediately, I could see a difference. I use this during the day instead of eye cream. It helps with puffiness and dark circles, but it also hydrates and feels refreshing. I usually order mine on Amazon.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading, and if you choose to shop with my affiliate links, it is very much appreciated.

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Collagen Oat Milk Latte

I’m not sure if you can really call this a “recipe,” because it’s so simple to make. However, it has been my favorite afternoon beverage lately, and I want to share it. The collagen gives skin, hair, and joints a boost, and the oat milk and sugar free syrup keep the calories low.

This post contains affiliate links, so if you click on a link and purchase something, I may receive a small commission which goes to keeping the blog going. If you choose not to purchase through those links, that’s ok too. I’m glad you’re here either way.

Nespresso Coffee Maker

You could make this without a Nespresso, but why would you want to? Kidding… sort of. I love my Nespresso coffee maker. We’ve had it for over a year, and I love it as much as when we bought it. This is a link to purchase mine, but I also like this white one. Nespresso machines are also available at Target, here.

My favorite pods for this drink are the Chiaro Double Espresso, but I made it work with the Giornio pods. They are also delicious. Our other favorite flavor is the dark roast Odacio.

What makes the Nespresso unique is the foam that is created when you brew the coffee. It’s also incredibly fragrant and tastes like fresh ground coffee beans. I worked in a coffee shop through college, so I’m a bit of a coffee snob. Sorry not sorry. This is pricier than regular coffee or kcups, but I prefer it to Starbucks. It ends up saving me money in the long run.

Making the Latte

After brewing the coffee, I froth about 1/2 a cup of oat milk with the Nespresso milk frother that came with the coffee maker.

The cast of characters in this little treat.

I add two scoops of this Vital Protein Collagen Powder to the coffee before I stir in the milk. I also add two pumps of Torani Sugar-Free Vanilla using this pump and sprinkle a dash of cinnamon on top before stirring it together.

This cute cup is old from Anthropologie.

All the links above are for Amazon, but you can find these ingredients lots of places.

Let me know if you try it! Later this week, I’ll give you an update on the master closet project. Cleaning it out has been more than I expected, but I’m really happy with how it’s coming along. Have a great afternoon!

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Sales, Deals & Budget-Friendly Fashion Finds

I’ve found some great deals lately, and they are just too good not to share. If you’re not following me on Like to Know It or social media, you may have missed some of these. Everything I’m sharing will work into the Fall, especially if you’re in the South like me. Keep reading for styles from Anthropologie, Forever 21, and Amazon.

This post does contain affiliate links. If you click on them and buy something while the link is active in your browser, I may get a small commission, which I use to keep this blog going. If you don’t shop, that is ok too. I’m grateful you are here!

Anthropologie Sale Finds

Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores, but it can be pricey. Finding items on sale is my favorite way to shop there. I purchased the gorgeous knit kimono below, but I also found some great pieces on their website. Right now, everything is an additional 25% off.

All outfit details are linked here.
For these links, click here.

Forever 21 Finds

Forever 21 can be tricky for those of us over 30, but I did find some winners in this recent try-on. Each of these pieces is something you can wear into fall.

To shop each of these looks, visit my LTK shop here.

My top pick from this Forever 21 try-on is their graphic tees. They are similar to the Dreamers tees that were in the Nordstrom sale and sold out the first day. The Forever 21 distressed denim jacket is another great find if you’re looking for one. I’d size down if you want a more fitted look.

Designer Dupes from Amazon

Shop all of these styles here.

I don’t know about you, but I am loving all of the woven shoes this summer. To get the look without the price tag, I found some great options on Amazon. I purchased one nice pair of sandals this summer (these from Steve Madden), and I wear them almost every day. I also grabbed a couple of inexpensive pairs to wear with other outfits.

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I hope you are having a wonderful week and that you found something new or inspiration to style what you already have. I’m working on a post about my updated office decor and a decluttering post (much needed in my home right now). Thanks for stopping by today and joining me here!

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Fall Wardrobe Checklist & How to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s July, and fall shopping seems kinda pointless here in this southern heat. Today’s high was approaching the 90s, so we aren’t wearing sweaters any time soon. I’m with you, but I do think it’s smart to start thinking about the pieces you want to buy for the Fall.

Why I Shop Early

I’m a fan of taking a more proactive approach to buying early for a few reasons. To begin with, I’ve waited to buy things until I needed them in the past, only to find that the color I really wanted sold out. Plus, I want to have pieces that work together, so I can easily make outfits. This means having neutrals in my closet and making a plan before I start buying. I know there are pieces that I need to grab early if I really want them. Finally, I’m not a fan of buying things I don’t need. If I plan early, I can avoid buying things that won’t work with what I already own.

For this fall, I want a new felt hat and an ivory sweater like this one.

Building Your Wardrobe for Fall

With all that in mind, I put together a Fall Wardrobe Checklist for you. These are my closet staples. You don’t need everything on the list, but it’s a start. I also know myself. I’m going to shop during the season, so there’s no reason to rush out and buy it all at once. I just want to have a few basics on hand to mix in once cooler temps arrives, if it’s in September or December (you never know what you’re going to get in Louisiana).

Two last thoughts before we get to the checklist… Not every piece needs to be an investment. I purchase a couple of well-made staples each year, and then I look for budget-friendly items to fill in the rest. I bought some tall boots from Target last year instead of the designer version. I wore them a lot more than I thought, so this year, I feel comfortable buying better quality. I know I’ll wear them.

Some of my most worn shoes from last year. It’s a mix of budget buys and higher quality. There’s definitely a color trend!

It’s about balance.

Another guiding thought I have when I buy something is, “Will I really wear this?” I know what my days look like. When I was teaching, I wore work clothes five days a week. I hardly bought anything that I couldn’t also wear it to work. Now, I don’t have a single pair of dress pants that fit, and that is ok for my lifestyle. Give me distressed denim, short dresses, leggings, and graphic tees! Buy clothes that fit your lifestyle.

Choosing Colors That Work Together

I loved these colors at Anthropologie recently.

I try to stick to one main neutral and a few accent colors each season. It’s ok to venture outside this rule a little bit, but if you buy every color in the rainbow, you’ll need more clothes to build outfits. I recently went into Anthropologie, and I saw the display of hair clips above. I am currently loving these colors. If you have a favorite color that looks great on you, include that as one of your main accent colors. My go-to neutrals are ivory and tan, but I do have some black pieces. You won’t see me in a lot of navy though, because I just don’t have much that works with it. This isn’t a rule as much as a guideline to keep you from buying something that doesn’t work with anything else you own.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The reason this sale is a big deal is because it features NEW items on sale BEFORE the season starts. Once the sale is over, everything goes back to regular price. Nordstrom can be pretty pricey, but the quality is generally very good. I also love that they have free two-day shipping and free returns.

The sale opens on staggering days for different groups. If you’re not sure when you shop, sign in to your account on the Nordstrom site. If you don’t have an account, you can shop the sale on July 28.

I recommend saving your favorites in your Nordstrom Wish List. You’ll be able to easily see what is available when you’re able to shop. Be aware that things go out of stock quickly, but they also come back when people make returns. So check back if your favorites aren’t available.

How Affiliate Links Work

When I share outfits with an affiliate link, that means that the retailer gives me a small percentage (3-7%) of the sales price in exchange for getting customers to shop their site. It may not be much for each sale, but it allows me to continue providing content on this blog and shows me what content you like best.

If you find the information here helpful to you, please make sure you go back here or on the Like to Know It app, and click one of my links before you check out. That allows me to get credit for referring you. Also, the link you click on doesn’t have to be the item you actually purchase. Most retailers give credit for the items you purchase while my link is still active in your internet browser.

If you don’t use Like to Know it (LTK), consider opening an account. It’s a free app that allows you to save items from different retailers in one place. It’s so much better than Pinterest!

When you’re ready to make a purchase, go back to your favorite products (click the heart at the bottom) or posts, use that link, and the influencer who recommended the item gets a small commission. I can’t see the names of the people who follow me on LTK or the details of who makes a purchase. It just shows what item was purchased and the commission amount.

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It takes time to create and post the content, so if it’s helpful to you, I appreciate it when you can use my links. If not, I’m still glad you’re here and am thankful for your support!

My Top Picks for Women

I’ll post more picks on LTK as the sale continues, but here are the top items that caught my attention. You can shop these items here. As things sell out, I’ll link other items that are still in stock.


My Top Picks for Men

Mr. Bayou is not into fashion, so I stuck to the basics on my picks for men. You can shop these items here. As things sell out, I’ll link other items that are still in stock.


I hope you are having a wonderful week and that this information is helpful to you. Thanks for stopping by today. I love what I do, and whether or not you shop from this post, I am grateful to have you here. If you get something on the sale that I recommended, I’d love it if you’d tag me on social media. It’s always fun to see what you liked.

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How to Tie the Perfect Boho Chic Head Scarf

I am currently in love with all things bohemian, and the trendy head scarf is a great way to try the look. It adds a ton of style and can make a boring outfit into a showstopper, not to mention being the perfect solution for dirty hair. Need another reason to jump on board? They’re cheap — all my picks are under $20, and most are under $10!

Back in my college days, I took a job working at Express. In our training, I learned that every outfit should have three pieces. For example: top/belt/pants, tank/cardigan/skirt, etc. I don’t always subscribe to this rule, but it’s definitely something I think about when putting an outfit together. It can be particularly challenging to do during the hot summer months, and the scarf trend is a great way to bring in a third piece, completing the “outfit.”

Here are my favorite ways to wear a scarf. Note that I’m using affiliate links. If you click on these links and happen to purchase something within that same browsing session, I may get a small commission from the retailer.

1. Make a “Knot” Headband

This is definitely my favorite style, and it works with hair up or down. You need a long scarf to wear this style. Mine is 35 inches, and the length is perfect. I created an Instagram Reel, linked here, to show you the steps.

Outfit sources linked in LTK here.

To get this style, fold the scarf into a large triangle. Next, fold the straight side down it into a long 1.5″ strip. Put the center under your hair, wrapping the ends up and over your head. Cross them over one another twice, and tie it securely at the back of your neck. Add bobby pins to secure it in place.

This technique also works with the headband worn across the forehead and tied around the back of the head, as shown below.

2. Make a Headband with Long Ends

Outfit details linked on LTK here.

This look is also a fun way to add some color to a basic outfit, and it shows more of the scarf. To get this style, make a triangle. Next, fold the straight side to the center in two inch wide strips. Then, fold the opposite side, the triangle, into the center to meet the straight side. Wrap it around your hair. Double knot the ends at the back on one side, and secure with bobby pins.

3. Tie it on a Ponytail

Image Source: A La Gray

This is probably the easiest option, and the scrunchie-scarf combo I linked below really simplifies things. Another option: make a bow, and let out one side for the perfect undone look (shown below). This style also works with a shorter scarf.

4. Channel Your Inner Boheme, and Rock the Head Wrap

This look is definitely more of a commitment to the bohemian style, but I do love it.

To get this look, open the scarf completely and place one edge along your forehead. Cover your head with the rest of the scarf. Take the ends from each side, and tie a knot at the back of your head.

My Top Scarf Picks

Here are a few of my favorite online picks. Many are from Amazon, but all of them are under $20. To shop this photo on Like to Know It (LTK), click here, or use the links below. FYI, I linked a few extra options on LTK that aren’t pictured.

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Shop these picks and others on LTK here.

Not feeling the headscarf trend, tie a smaller one on your purse for a pop of color! Make sure to tag me in a photo if you try this style.

I hope you are having a wonderful week and that this information is helpful to you. I’m working on a few big posts, including a style guide for fall and my picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but, I promise, new content is coming soon. Thanks for stopping by today. You are the reason I write this little blog, and I appreciate you being here.

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Last Minute finds for July 4th from Target & Amazon

Do you have plans for the 4th of July yet? I’m planning to spend the day by the pool with family and friends. Making a plan always brings the question: “What am I going to wear?” Followed closely with, “What am I going to cook?” Then, “What are the kids going to wear?”

Well, I’ve got you covered on the first question with some finds that will be here in time for your celebration. With Amazon Prime and Target pick up, you’re sure to find something stylish and affordable.

FYI, this post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on it and buy something, I may earn a small commission from the sale. This goes toward providing more fun content for you.

Everything on this list was in stock (at the time of writing this post, at least) and available to ship on time (with Prime shipping for the Amazon options). I also looked for items that you would wear beyond the holiday, throughout the rest of summer. I don’t like buying something that I’ll only wear one day.

You can shop using the links below, or click here to follow me on Like to Know It.

  1. Kimono Cover Up | I love this kimono as a swim cover up or with a white tank and shorts. It would also be pretty over a dress. Only $23!
  2. Blue Cover Up | I love the cut and color of this, and it comes in several different styles too. It’s got amazing reviews on Amazon, but I haven’t tried it yet. It’s been hanging out in my cart for a while.
  3. Blue and white swimsuit | I have this suit in another color, and I love it. The bottoms run slightly on the small side, but I still wore my usual size medium. I’m definitely ordering this one.
  4. Sleeveless Navy Eyelet Top | This top also comes in white. It’s perfect to wear with white shorts.
  5. Short Sleeve White Eyelet Top | This is adorable and also comes in red and blue. I wanted to find a cute option for those of you who don’t like sleeveless tops. I’d wear this with light wash denim shorts.
  6. Blue Statement Earrings | I have these on order, and they also come in white. Under $10!
  7. Red & White Espadrille Slides | These are precious for the 4th. They also come in other colors, but I think it’s the perfect pop of red for the holiday, but they are still versatile enough to wear throughout the summer.
  8. Red Tank Dress | I have this dress in brown. It’s such a great fit, and runs slightly large. If you’re in between sizes, you could size down.Navy Romper | This is a cute option that also works as a swim coverup. It has great reviews, but I haven’t tried it yet.
  9. Blue Ruffle Sleeve Dress | This dress also comes in white. The sleeves are so pretty, especially from the back.
  10. Black and White Gingham Dress | This one’s technically not in the color scheme, but I think it’s perfect for a holiday gathering.
  11. Navy Blue Romper | This would work as a swim cover up or casual outfit. It has great reviews on Amazon and ships in two days.

    Not pictured:
  12. White Denim Shorts | I love this brand from Target. They fit very true to size.
  13. Acid Wash Denim Shorts | I love the light wash on these shorts, and the length is flattering. True to size.

I hope you are having a wonderful week and that this post is helpful to you. I’m planning to share a fun room design that I put together for a friend later this week, so check back soon. Thanks for stopping by today!

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Amazon Prime Day Finds

It’s Amazon Prime Day, and I’ve been on the hunt for some great deals. Everything is linked in the Like to Know it App– click here to see all my posts. That’s the easiest way to shop these items. Keep in mind that when you shop using my affiliate links, I receive a small commission which I use to keep the fun content coming.

Click the image to shop.

I haven’t tried any of the dresses, but the prices are awesome. The blue one is under $20! Plus with Amazon’s amazing return policy, it’s no risk.

I have the top two swimsuits and wear a medium in both. They are incredibly flattering and perfect “mom” suits. Both stay put in the water. The top one has removable straps and boning in the side to help it stay in place.

The workout brand is my absolute favorite, but size up in the sports bra. I find that the leggings are pretty true to size. Size down if between sizes though.

The collagen and dry shampoo are amazing — stock up while they’re on sale!

Click on the image to shop.

The prices on televisions, speakers and gadgets are unreal. If you’ve been considering one of these purchases, now is a great time to buy!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today, and if you choose to shop with my affiliate links, it is very much appreciated.

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Weekly Faves 4/30/21

These are a few of my favorite finds lately. Anything is up for grabs — home, fashion, kitchen, etc. I’ve tried it and love it. Hope you do too! Keep in mind that this post contains affiliate links, and if you buy something, I might get a small commission which goes toward keeping this little blog going.

  1. Amazon Lounge SetThis lounge set it perfect for summer nights. The beige is gorgeous in person, and almost looks like a soft pink. I bought a medium, and it fits well, but there’s not a lot of extra room. If you’re between sizes, size up. At $26 for two pieces, the price is great.
  2. Fit On AppI’m loving this app. Fit On allows you to stream workouts on demand. You can search by the fitness level, type of workout, and time length. My favorite are the HIIT workouts, but they are all good. It’s free, but the paid option allows you to download workouts and choose your music.
  3. Thayer’s Blemish Clearing BalmI love this Thayer’s Blemish Clearing Balm. I use it to help prevent and treat razor burn, but it’s also great to put on blemishes on your face. It’s very gentle on your skin. The natural ingredients help fight and prevent breakouts.
  4. Native DeodorantI’ve been wanting to stop using my old deodorant for a while because it contains aluminum, which can accumulate in breast tissue. However, I am not ok with stinking! I recently switched to Native, and I love it. The Coconut & Vanilla smells nice and summery, and it even lasts through hard workouts.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for taking the time to read this list, and if you choose to shop with my affiliate links, it is very much appreciated. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, click here to stay in touch.

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Summer Style: Affordable Picks to Wear Now

I’ve been on the hunt for cute pieces for y’all. These affordable finds will update your closet without breaking the bank. Best of all, most of these styles will work well into the fall. Neutrals, white, florals and textures will have you ready for the warmer weather. Click here to shop these items. Keep in mind that this post uses affiliate links. That just means that if you click on something and buy it, I may get a small commission which goes toward producing more fun content for you.

You can easily shop these looks when you follow me on LiketoKnowIt. If you’ve never used the app before, it’s pretty amazing. You can save looks or items you love and click right on the pictures to shop. Click here to follow me.

If you’re not a fan of LiketoKnowIt, I’ll also include my affiliate links below. Everything is Target, Old Navy, or Amazon.

Tops 1/Tan Embroidered Top 2/Floral Top 3/Rust Eyelet Boho Top 4/Cream Tie Neck With Lace

Straw Clutch

Black Dress

Bottoms 1/Denim Shorts 2/White Shorts 3/White Jeans

White Jacket

Shoes 1/White Flats 2/Gladiator Sandals 3/Woven Sandals 4/Summer sneakers

Thanks for your support and for shopping my affiliate links!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Every Budget

It’s coming y’all! May will be here before we know it.

Mother’s Day always sneaks up on me, but not this year. I’ve been hunting for items for this post for quite a while, and I’m really happy with what I’ve put together for you.

With three price points and over 20 items, you are sure to find a winner here. Maybe grab yourself a little something too! You could always do what I do, and send your hubby a couple of ideas.

Note that this post includes affiliate links. This means that if you click on a link and buy something, I might receive a small commission which goes toward keeping this blog going.

  1. Women’s Furry Slippers – Add a foot mask or a pedicure gift card for a great gift!
  2. Long Spout Gold Watering Can from Amazon – Pair this with a plant or the planter listed at #4.
  3. Magnolia Table, Volume 2: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering from Amazon – Perfect to pair with the salt and pepper shakers in #5.
  4. Indoor Succulent Planter from Target – Fill with easy to care for succulents.
  5. Marble Salt and Pepper Shaker from Amazon
  6. Woven Crossover Sandals from Amazon — run a little large
  7. Portable Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner from Amazon
  8. Extra Large Charcuterie Board Set w/ Gift Box from Amazon
  9. Casablanca Market Basket from Amazon – Add a beach towel and sandals in #6 for a cute gift.
  10. Divided Serving Platter with 6 Removable Dishes from Amazon – Add the book from #3 to make it even better.
  11. Tesalate Sand Proof Microfiber Beach Towel from Amazon – Add some cute sandals like #6 if you want to jazz it up even more.
  12. JESSILIN HOME Marble Tray from Amazon
  13. Soma Restore Waffle-Weave Robe On sale right now – 25% off!
  14. Soma Cool Nights Pajama Top & Pajama Bottoms On sale right now – 25% off!
  15. Libbey 12 Piece Wine Glass Set from Amazon
  16. Kendra Scott Demi Open Frame Earrings In Gold
  17. Cuisinart C77WTR-15P Classic Forged Triple Rivet, 15 Piece Set, White on Amazon
  18. PMD Personal Microderm Classic – At-Home Microdermabrasion Machine on Amazon
  19. Kate Spade Apple Watch Band on Amazon – Prices vary based on style
  20. Pottery Barn Colossal Handknit Throw
  21. Caraway Home 7pc Non-Stick Cookware Set from Target
  22. Lindsay Letters Print “BLESS THIS BEAUTIFUL LIFE”

I hope you find this list helpful! I’ll also be posting it on my Rewards Style account. I’ll update this post online once it’s fully set up.

Have a lovely weekend friends. Thanks for being here and showing your support!

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