Part 2: Master Closet Refresh — Lighting and Organization

This post has been a long time coming. Between kids starting school, a stomach bug that cost us a couple of days of school, and a major hurricane, there were plenty of reasons to put off finishing this project.

I loaded up the kids to ride out Hurricane Ida at my sister’s house in Houston. Thankfully, we had minor damage to our home, but our area is still recovering. Many are still without power, and it will be a while before things are back to normal.

Despite the obstacles, I’m close to completing the master closet, and the result is much better than I expected. I started with editing about half of my clothes, shoes, and accessories. In this previous project post, I shared the process and tips on how to edit your closet. If you haven’t checked it out, you can even download a checklist to help you complete the task.

Honestly, I could probably get rid of another third of my clothes (at least), but I’m happy with the progress so far. Because I’d let my closet get so out of control, it took a long time to go through everything. Next time, it will go so much faster because I don’t have as many clothes. I also want to be patient with myself, understanding that I’m not going to become a minimalist overnight. My biggest takeaways from the process: Edit often, and be careful about what I allow into my home.

I already love it, and I’m not even finished.

My biggest takeaways from the process: Edit often, and be careful about what I allow into my home.

Probably the biggest change, after reducing the volume of clothing, was the lighting I installed. We had fluorescent lights that weren’t beautiful or functional. Installing bright lights helped me find things and enjoy getting dressed each day. It’s so organized and pretty, I want to keep it neat. If I’d known how easy it was to change that light fixture, I would have done it years ago.

Not the prettiest picture, but you get the idea.

You can see from the picture above that I need to do some touch up painting on the built-ins and ceiling. I’ve went back and forth about what to do on the ceiling — whether to paint it white, add a color or add wallpaper.

I want to add visual interest and a little color, but it could easily feel cluttered and overwhelming. I found several peel and stick wallpapers that I loved (linked below), but I think I’m going to go with a neutral mauve shade. I purchased a quart of Sherwin Williams Chelsea Mauve, and plan to work on the ceiling and final touch ups this week.

I’ve edited more shoes since this was taken! It’s amazing what happens when you start. The next step is so much easier.

As far as closet organization goes, I had a lot to work with from the start. My husband and I share this closet, and the hanging space and built-ins provide great storage. Since we live in the South, I don’t need a ton of winter clothes. I decided to keep everything in one place and avoid switching out items.

A while back, I removed the hanging rod in the middle section on one side of the closet and added a shelf. I’ve loved having this place to set things and add accessories. I brought in an antique mirror from my grandmother and modern, acrylic organizers to keep everything organized and light. I like the contrast of the modern with the the vintage. The modern lights also add needed style to the small space.

I put together the board below as I ordered items and shopped. Keep in mind that these are affiliate links. If you click on them and end up purchasing something, I may receive a small commission.

Master Bedroom Closet Design Board

Everything is linked below, as well as other organizers I used.

I’ve linked everything I used in my closet, including the lights, organizers, hangers, and my top three picks for removable wallpaper.

Light Fixtures & Light Bulbs // These were a steal, and they made the closet so much brighter! And the price is amazing — look for coupons to save even more. The bulbs are a nice, clean white, and I love buying them online. That way when I need to replace them, I know exactly what I purchased.

Accessories Organizer, Sunglasses Holder, Earring Organizer // These acrylic storage pieces are affordable, and I like that they don’t add more visual clutter to the closet. After I edited my accessories, everything fit comfortably, with room to spare.

Command Hooks // These are amazing! I used them for my necklaces, face masks, and all of our hats. I may end up doing something else with the hats, but it was an easy inexpensive solution.

Large Clear Bins & Small Clear Bins // I like that the contents of these bins is easy to see, and they aren’t really heavy visually. I also wanted something that would keep moisture out, since some of the items in them are paper.

Locker Shelves & Clear Shelf Dividers // These are two options for storing extra handbags. I purchased the locker shelves at first, but I think I prefer the dividers. I plan to use the locker shelves in another project to add extra space.

Woven Bins with Lids & Similar Woven Bins // I already had some of these bins from a few years ago when I “organized” my closet. I found a similar style online. There are so many options with sizes and colors. I liked these because they don’t scratch the shelves when I pull them out, and the size worked for our oddly shaped built-ins.

Wood Hangers, Velvet Hangers & Shoe Rack // I had some wooden hangers, so I purchased a few more to make everything match. They work really well for my husband’s shirts and all of our pants. I already had a ton of the velvet hangers. I actually ended up with about 100 extra hangers after editing my clothes. I kept a handful in the laundry room and donated the rest! The shoe rack was so inexpensive, and I was able to customize it easily to fit beneath the built-ins and add a little extra storage.

Attic Door Hook // Who knew this existed?! I changed out the unattractive cord for a sleek hook. I stashed the handle behind the door. It took five minutes and made a huge difference!

Boho Wallpaper, Beige Graphic Wallpaper & Floral Wallpaper // All of these are on Amazon and are very affordable. I’ve never installed this type of wallpaper, so I don’t know how it holds up over time.

Here is where I started…

Can you believe I cleaned it out over the holidays too? This was round two!

And here is where we are today…

It’s not there yet, but the difference is huge!

I plan to share the finished project next week, barring any natural disasters or illness… I’d love it if some of you will join me and share your progress on social media.

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ORC Week 8: Final Reveal & Sources

It’s finally time for the big One Room Challenge reveal, and I’m excited to show you the finished space. I’m calling it Neutral Transitional Bohemian, and I’m loving all the rich textures and natural woods against the modern grays. I am so pleased with the results, and I especially love my last-minute decision to add a moody, dark color to the doors and ceiling. The contrast was just what the space needed.

Here’s a fun before & after to show the change.

The Design

Speaking of contrast, I think it’s my favorite way to achieve balance in design. I love how the gold tones of the refinished buffet, pampas grass, and brass accents warm up the gray palate. They also tie in to the hickory wood floors in the other rooms of our open-floor plan home. The modern color choices, light fixture, and accessories balance the traditional mirror, architecture, and buffet. The wallpaper brings pattern and interest and complements the warm brick floors.

I also wanted the design to complement my home’s architecture. I have a traditional style home with elaborate crown moldings and southern-style cypress cabinetry. The space needed to feel updated, while still working with the other things in the room. The wallpaper’s neutral pattern works with the traditional brick pavers but still feels modern. The oversize pattern keeps the wall from becoming too busy.

The style is a great jumping-off point for completing the other connected rooms. I’ve already started on the office that’s next to it.. Here’s a little peek at where it is now. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the walls, but I’m planning on doing a dark door like the foyer.

The One Room Challenge Format

I loved the format of this challenge. I’ve never been good about completing projects, including finishing a room. I picked a small, visible space in our home to make a big impact and give me a design direction.

By setting a timeline, I was able to really push myself to do the parts of the project that were less exciting (painting and changing light switches) in order to get to the fun stuff later. Having a deadline to finish was a little stressful, but I spaced out the parts of the project into manageable goals for each week. For the most part, I stayed on track. Having the kids home for the summer definitely complicated things a bit.

Finally, I budgeted for the room, allowing myself enough money to buy a few “splurge” pieces and feel satisfied with the final product. I did reuse the buffet, mirror, and plant stand to save money. If I had only allowed myself the most inexpensive lamp, lighting, wallpaper, etc. that I could find, I don’t think I would have been happy with the result in the long run. I’d always think about what I wanted to change. This way, I kept my budget below $1,500, but ended up with a finished space I love.

Budget Breakdown

Paint and refinishing materials

Lighting $600

Paint & Materials $250

Accessories $150

Wallpaper $165

Rug & Rug Pad (not pictured) $80

Design Sources

Wallpaper from Amazon (affiliate link) – It goes in and out of stock, but I’ve seen it available recently.

SW Urbane Bronze (doors), SW Anonymous (ceiling), BM White Dove (trim), BM Dove Wing (walls)

Floors are Old Chicago Tile (linked here)

Here are links to everything I used, or similar items. Keep in mind that these are affiliate links. If you click on them, I may receive a small commission which goes toward keeping this blog going. The rug isn’t shown in the photos. It’s on backorder and will be delivered in two weeks. I tried to find another option, but I loved the one I chose.

Light Fixture | Lamp | Bone Frame with Gold Details | Pampas Grass | Bottleneck Vase with Gold Accents | The BEST Candle | Budget Cabinet Pulls | Roman Shade Fabric | Wallpaper | Chevron Jute Rug | Mirror is several years old from a local shop | Buffet is an old purchase from Pier 1 Imports that I refinished in Week 5 | Planter is old from Target

IF you missed any of the previous week’s posts, I’ve linked all of them here.

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ORC Week 7: Modern, Neutral Finishing Details & A Last Minute Change of Plans

The finish line is near, and I’m ready for it. Well except for the fact that I’m making a crazy little adjustment to my plans… more on that later. Today I’m sharing the perfect modern, neutral details to complete a room.

Finishing details and staging can make the room feel complete and “designed.” So, this week, I shopped and ordered for the perfect neutral, elegant details to complete the foyer. I found an amazing lamp, as well as some gorgeous bone frames and other details to bring the space together.

I kept track of my favorite finds while I shopped and linked all of the details on my Like to Know It page, as well as below. Keep in mind these are affiliate links. If you choose to click and buy something, I might get a small commission, which goes toward keeping this little blog going. So many of these would make amazing gifts too!

Lamp 1 (my pick) | Lamp 2 | Lamp 3

Budget-friendly Bone Frame | Chevron Bone Frame | White Chevron Bone Frame | Bone Frame with Gold Details | Bone and Brass Frame | Black & White Bone Frame (obsessed with this one!)

Modern White Bowl | Rattan Tray (budget-friendly) | Pampas Grass | Bottleneck Vase with Gold Accents | The BEST Candle | Brass Tray | Gold Knot (budget-friendly)

Book 1 | Book 2


Now to the CHANGES…

I couldn’t help feeling that the design needed more “oomph,” especially when I decided to go with a natural finish on the buffet. Then, I saw the image below on on Instagram.

I saw this late last week. It got me thinking!

The white walls feel fresh with the gray accents. Here’s another inspiration from Better Homes & Garden’s Pinterest page.

I don’t think I want to go quite this dark, but I love the drama!

So, guess what I’m doing this week? Yep, painting walls, ceiling, and doors. I know, it’s crazy. And I do not love painting.

Thankfully Mr. Bayou has given me the go-ahead. I was worried he’d veto dark ceilings. I am leaning toward Urbane Bronze from SW for the door and Anonymous for the ceilings, but I’ll let you know the final details. Because I have so much brown in my home, I need a gray with a lot of warmth. The walls will be BM Dove Wing, like the rest of my house. My trim is BM White Dove.

I’m not going to post a pic this week, because I want the reveal to be a surprise, but you’ll see a few sneak peaks on my Instagram page.

What’s left? Paint all the things and stage the room for a killer photo.

Here’s a recap of previous weeks of the challenge, in case you missed something.

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ORC Week 6: New Modern Pendant Light

Two weeks left in this challenge! In Week 6, I hung the new light fixture and ordered the lamp, rug, and some of the finishing touches to complete this little room makeover.

I chose this modern pendant fixture from because I loved the satin-finish gold with white wood. I also liked the angular shape. It is modern, but it still works with the rustic finishes in my house, like the light hardwood floors and brick pavers. Here is a link to the fixture I chose. Keep in mind that this is an affiliate link, and I may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase something.

Installing the fixture was pretty simple. I used the same method as when I change a light switch or outlet. Take a picture of what is there, before you remove anything. Then, put it back the same way. The most challenging thing about the light fixture is holding the weight of it while it’s being installed. I rested the fixture on my ladder while I attached everything, and luckily, it wasn’t too heavy.

Another tip for installing light fixtures is to make sure that there is enough clearance below it. I have 7 1/2 feet to the floor, so there’s plenty of space. I also needed it low enough in the room to balance the high ceilings.

What’s left? I need to finish the buffet, touch up paint, and decide on what to do with the doors. I change my mind every single day. I think both dark and light look good, but I can’t decide which one I want. I also need to order the details: tray, vase, etc.

Here’s a recap of previous weeks of the challenge, in case you missed something.

FYI, the outfit is linked on Like to Know it here, if you’re interested.

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ORC Week 5: Stripping and Refinishing Furniture

One week closer to being finished! I spent Saturday sanding and stripping the finish off of the buffet in our foyer. Originally, I was going to paint it, but now I think it’s going to stay light. I love the warmth the natural wood it brings to the space.

I started to give the piece a quick sanding before painting it black. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is solid wood. I expected to find wood veneer. This piece holds all of our board games and puzzles.

This I was

Once I saw that light wood, I couldn’t stop. I had to see what was underneath! Here’s a “before” picture of the buffet. The gray paint I had haphazardly thrown on a few years ago was scratched and in need of some help.

I used 2-3 coats of Citristrip to cut through the layers of paint, varnish, and stain. In between each coat, I stripped what I could and reapplied. Make sure to wait long enough in between to allow the stripper to work. To keep the stripping agent from drying out, I covered it with plastic wrap. I learned this fabulous tip from Amy at The Coastal Oak. She has amazing tutorials on refinishing furniture.

Once I scraped as much of it as I could, I used steel wool to scrub the wood. I followed that by sanding with a coarse grit sandpaper using an orbital sander. I plan to stain the bamboo sections a slightly darker color (maybe walnut) and leave the rest a natural wood. I don’t think I’ll be able to strip the bamboo details completely, and the darker stain will hide the imperfections in the stripping process while giving a nice visual detail.

Next week I will decide on paint for the door and hang the new light fixture. Look for an update on Thursday-ish!

Here’s one last shot of the room currently. FYI, the outfit is linked on Like to Know it here, if you’re interested.

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ORC Week 4: Hanging the Mirror and Covering a Switch Plate with Wallpaper

With kids home for summer, I’m not as efficient as I usually am! This post is almost a week late, but I made progress: hanging the mirror, covering the light switch and outlet plates with wallpaper, and adding a gorgeous snake plant.

First up, hanging the mirror. My stress level was high drilling into this wallpaper!

Determining the placement of the mirror was a little tricky. I wanted to center it with the light fixture, but the width of the wall is different than the ceiling (thanks to my open floor plan and concealed beams). Also the light switch is located too far to the middle of the wall. I chose to make a template of the mirror on kraft paper to play around with the placement.

I wasn’t too precise with tracing the outside border. I also traced the oval and the hanger (below) to help me line everything up.

I roughly cut out the template, and then marked where the hangers were located. I used these holes to mark where I needed to drill and to help me level the mirror.

I poked holes where the screws needed to go. Once the template was on the wall, I actually drilled through those holes.

After experimenting with the placement, I decided to get as close to center as possible, taking into account the uneven frame.

I used a level to make sure that the screws were level. I hung the mirror slightly above eye level. It could have gone a little lower, but with the extra tall ceilings, this would have looked odd.

I also changed light switch and outlet to white from ivory and wallpapered them to conceal them. Since it’s not ideal to have the light switch so far out into the center of the wall, wallpapering it definitely helped make it less noticeable.

See! It disappears!

I created a video to show the process of how to wallpaper a light switch cover. It was fairly simple, and I used my leftover spray adhesive from the stencil project.

Click below to watch the how-to video.

The room currently.

I’m in the process of changing out the lights and outlets in the entire house from ivory to white. It’s one of my least favorite things to do, but it really makes a difference in the house. The easiest method is to just copy what is there. I usually take a picture before I remove anything, just in case I accidentally get a wire wrong. Also, make sure you buy the right kind of switch. Depending on the number of switches per light, you may need a different type of light switch.

I love adding plants to bring life to a space!

To add some green, I moved my snake plant into the space. I needed something tall, and the scale of the plant worked really well in this room. The lighting is great for this plant, and I think it will do well. The white and warm wood tones of the planter balance all the grays. Don’t you just love the dark green color of the leaves? It’s so rich against the gray walls.

Finally, I have decided to redo the buffet dark. This is my inspiration pic. Unfortunately, this gorgeous piece from Anthropologie is out of my budget, even on sale. The finish is actually an indigo. I don’t want to use blues, but I do plan to copy the dark glazing technique.

Handcarved Samuel Buffet, Indigo | Decorist

That’s all for this week! The next step in this project is to refinish the buffet and make a decision about the doors. I don’t know if I want to go dark. I’m leaning toward a medium gray tone that is slightly darker than the walls but in the same tones. I’m sure my post will be late, but I’m hoping for Friday.

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ORC Week 3: Finding the Best Deals on Wallpaper & How to Install It

The wallpaper is up, and it’s lovely! I’d never installed wallpaper before, and I definitely learned a lot.

Last week I shared about the prep work involved and the two tutorials I used. You can read more about that here. For more info about the One Room Challenge and my design board, click here. This week, I installed the wallpaper and ordered the light fixture.

After finishing this step, I think I would definitely hang wallpaper again, but I recommend getting help if it’s a 12 foot tall ceiling!

Finding the Best Deals on Wallpaper

TIP #1// Shop Around

My top tip for scoring a great deal on wallpaper is to check Amazon. I first saw my wallpaper on the Anthropologie website for $140 per roll. I needed two rolls. I searched for the wallpaper name on Amazon, and found it for $80 per roll — nearly half the price! Here is a link to the wallpaper I used. It comes in and out of stock, but you might get lucky and find it. FYI, it’s an unpasted paper.

When buying wallpaper, keep in mind that papers with a larger pattern and repeat will have more waste than smaller patterns.

Anthropologie, Serena & Lily, and Lulu & Georgia are great places to find wallpaper inspiration, but their products cost a premium. Sometimes, you can find the exact paper on Amazon for half the price! You can also find some good deals on Wayfair.

Note, I’ve used affiliate links in this post. If you choose to buy something with one of these links, I may get a small commission, which will go toward providing you with more fun content. Thanks for your support!

TIP #2// Search Favorite Manufacturers

Search the wallpaper manufacturers pages on Amazon. For example, my paper was made by A Street Prints. Look at manufacturers like York Wallcoverings, A Street Prints, Tempaper, Graham & Brown, and Chesapeake.

TIP #3// Let Me Do the Digging for You

I did a little bit of the research for you and found a few good options. Below I’ve linked some Amazon wallpapers I like. Click on ony of the images below to shop.

Want to see more options, check out my Wallpaper board on Pinterest.

How to Install Wallpaper

  1. The first step is to prepare your drywall, making sure it is smooth and has a good coat of primer. (see previous ORC post for details)

    Gather all of the materials you need: Wallpaper paste, roller and cover, paintbrush, paint tray, wallpaper smoother, natural sea sponge, bucket with water, seam roller, level, very sharp knife (with extra blades), long ruler or drywall tool, measuring tape, and a pencil.
  2. Once you’re ready to begin, The first thing to do is double-check your measurements. Take into account the pattern repeat. Measure the width of the panels. Check to see how many panels you’ll need. Next, figure out how long they will be, and see where the repeat will happen. Make sure to add about three-four inches to the top and bottom, so you have space to trim the paper.
  3. Measure again. I’m serious here! You want to make sure you have enough paper, and that you don’t make any mistakes cutting your panels.
  4. Cut the panels and line them up before they go on the wall. Roll them inside out and secure with clothespins until you’re ready to use them. (see picture below)
  5. Figure out the placement of your first panel. I chose the corner closest to the door, since it’s the least visible. I added an inch of overlap, so I could cut the paper into the corner. Your walls won’t be straight, so this isn’t a good guide for your first piece. Draw a completely straight, level line where you want your panel to line up with the others. (see the photo of how this works below)
  6. Apply a thick layer of paste to the top third of the wall, stopping short of the top and the corner. You’ll apply paste to that part later. Line up the wallpaper with your level line. Once you have the top in place, smooth the paper carefully with the wallpaper tool. Make sure to push out any air bubbles or excess glue to the edges. Continue working down the wall until you get to the bottom. Don’t glue all the way to the crown molding or baseboard. (see photo)
  7. Do the same with the next panel, but use your seam as the level line. Line up the pattern exactly. I did not overlap my wallpaper, rather I pushed each panel against the other exactly. Use the wallpaper tool to finely tune the position of the paper. Don’t be afraid to pull it off and start again if it’s not straight.
  8. Once you have a couple of panels up, go back and finish the seams and edges. Use the knife and metal ruler (or sheetrock tool) to get a clean cut along the baseboard and in the corners. Then, apply a thick layer of paste with a paintbrush. Use the smoother tool to push the excess glue toward the edges. Wipe any excess glue from the paper and baseboards with a damp natural sponge.
  9. Use the knife to cut out around light switches, outlets, and other architectural elements using the same process as above. It’s much easier to cut the paper dry, so make the cuts before applying paste. The wet paper is more likely to tear. Go over clean seams with the seam roller. (see picture below)
  10. Move slowly and be as neat as possible. Remember that no one will notice the tiny imperfections when you finish — I hope!

Here are a few pics I took during the process, but feel free to post a comment or reach out on social media if you have a question.

I rolled all of the panels in the opposite direction to make them easier to work with.
Once the corner piece is mostly dry and set in place, trim the excess with a knife before gluing it down. Make sure to smooth it with the tool and a damp sponge.
I cut around the light switches with a knife.
Notice the top isn’t trimmed and glued until after the panels are on the wall.
It’s best to work in thirds, gluing and smoothing as you go.
Say cheese!
I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

That’s all for this week! The next step in this project is to refinish this little buffet and install the new light switch and outlet. If you’d like to follow along with all of the participants, you can click on the logo below.


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ORC Week 2: Painted and Prepped for Wallpaper

One week in to the One Room Challenge, and already a day late. Sorry folks, it’s May. If you have kids, you know what I mean.

Let’s remember where we started with this little room, shall we?

The “Before” image

My first task for was to tackle the wallpaper. I’ve never installed wallpaper, so I researched several tutorials. Two stood out to me as the most helpful.

  • This one by Addison’s Wonderland was my favorite because she made it look so simple!
  • I also liked this one by Family Handyman because it was very descriptive and detailed.

So did I hang the wallpaper yet? Not exactly.

After reading the Family Handyman’s post, I wanted to make sure that my walls were correctly prepped for wallpaper. That meant that they needed to be smooth and have a good coat of primer.

As I’ve mentioned before, we flooded in 2016, and we had to redo a lot of the drywall in our house. I was concerned that the texture on the walls would show through the paper, and I also didn’t want it to be terrible to remove later if I changed my mind. If the drywall doesn’t have a good coat of primer, apparently it’s never coming off. Yikes!

I did gather the materials for wallpapering, with the exception of a seam roller — Lowe’s was sold out.

Materials: spackling, putty knife, drywall sander, primer/paint, roller covers (2), paint tray and 2 liners, roller frame, paintbrush, natural sponge (for wiping excess glue), wallpaper adhesive, seam roller (not shown), level, measuring tape, pencil, long metal ruler or drywall tool (to use as a cutting guide), sharp knife and extra blades, and a wallpaper smoothing tool.

Gathering the supplies — aka the easy part!

Here’s how I prepped the walls for wallpaper:

  1. First, I filled in the nail holes with DryDex spackling and a putty knife. I like this brand because it goes on pink and turns white when it’s dry. I’m super impatient to finish projects, so I like that I can easily tell if it’s still wet.
  2. Next, I used a drywall sander and sanding sheets to make sure there wasn’t too much texture or any spots on the wall that would stick out and show through the paper. This went really quickly with the large sander.
  3. After sanding, I used a damp rag to wipe down the walls and baseboards, getting rid of any sanding dust.
  4. Finally, I was ready to paint/prime the walls.

I ended up using a combo paint and primer all-in-one because I had some leftover from a previous project. Also, I wanted to bring the gray from the study into the foyer. After thinking through the flow of the room, I thought it would be too choppy to have wallpaper, white walls, and gray walls all together in such an open space.

The current status this week — no wallpaper, but it’s a process. I’m super excited to paint the doors dark now that the whole room is gray. I think it’s really going to stand out and provide some contrast to the medium gray tones.

I’m really excited about how the warm gray paint works with the wallpaper.

I also made a few changes to the design board this week, including changing the light fixture to something more modern, swapping out the rug for a simpler version, and going with a darker color on the buffet. I’m all over the place with that buffet color. What about a dark green? I think that is a decision I’ll make once more pieces are in the room.

I’m kind of obsessed with this light fixture. What do you think?

That’s all for this week! If you’d like to follow along with all of the participants, you can click on the logo below.


I’ll be back next week to give more updates. Until then, let me know — green or gray for the buffet?

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Foyer Design Plan – the One Room Challenge begins

Time to tackle another project!

I’ve signed up as a Guest Participant for the One Room Challenge. It’s an event where bloggers transform one room in their homes in just six weeks, sharing the process as they go. I’ve decided to tackle my foyer because it’s a relatively small space that will serve as the jumping-off point for the rest of the main living area.

If you click on the logo below, you can see other bloggers who are also participating in the challenge.

One Room Challenge™ Guest Participants, Week 5 — Calling it Home

Here is a current picture of the room:

The foyer, currently.

This room has a lot going for it, starting with gorgeous arched doors, high ceilings and tons of light.

The walls are painted BM White Dove (throughout the main living area), and I don’t plan to repaint them. I will be covering at least one wall with wallpaper, but I may go around the doors as well.

The brick tile is not changing. Here is a link to the product we used. It’s a tile that looks like brick pavers. I had it installed in a herringbone pattern in 2016, when we flooded. I still love it, although I might have gone with a slightly different color today.

Probably one of my favorite features in the house are these tall, arched double doors.

I’m also planning to keep the Roman shades, but if they don’t look right once the wallpaper is installed, I may replace them. These shades are pretty simple to sew, but I hope that they will work with everything. I’ll decide at the end whether to keep them.

I bought this mirror ten years ago and still love it.

The mirror is old, but I just moved it into this room from above my fireplace. It was a steal from a local home store several years ago. A few months after I bought it, Anthropologie picked it up and started carrying it. I considered replacing it with a modern round mirror for this project, but I love the statement it makes in the room. However, with the brick, mirror, and wallpaper, the challenge will be to bring in modern elements to keep it from looking too rustic or traditional.

Finally, I’m planning a DIY on the buffet. I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing here. I might strip the paint or repaint it cream or white. I’m definitely going add some new brass knobs. I love the size and style, though, and replacing it would really impact my budget. We keep all of our board games in here, so storage is a must.

Should this piece be white, cream, or do I try for wood? It has veneer on top, so stripping will be difficult and might not work.

Here is the design plan I created. I don’t plan to use all of these exact items, but it’s a good starting point.

Foyer Design Board

Below are affiliate links for the products in the design board. You can shop using the links below or in the Like to Know It app here. I do receive a small commission when you make purchases through these links, so if you do buy something, thank you. If not, thanks for just being here and reading.


1// Credenza — I’m planning to do a DIY on our current table to possibly mimic this look.

2// Pendant Light – I love the detail on this light as well as the large size. It will work well with my tall ceilings. I also love the simplicity of this one. The second option may be better because it’s more modern. Still shopping.

3// Pampas Grass – I haven’t ordered this yet, so I’m not sure if it looks as pretty as the picture.

4// My exact wallpaper is currently sold out. Here is a similar style from Anthropologie, also here, and a cheaper alternative from Amazon

5// Coat Rack

6// Gold Tray

7// Lamp

8// Mirror – I plan to use one I already have, but this has a similar shape. It’s also a great price.

9// Capri Blue Candle – This is my favorite scent, and the gold and ivory are perfect in any room.

10// Rug – This has all the vintage vibes but with updated neutral colors.

I hope you will follow along as I update you on this project each week. I’m really excited to see it completed. It’s always amazing how really finishing a room can make such an impact. Thanks for stopping by today; I’m glad you were here.

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